Austrian electrician and deputy; born at Semic, Bohemia, Feb. 14, 1837; studied at the technical institute in Prague. From 1858 till 1896 he was in the service of the state, first in the department for triangular survey in Tyrol and Croatia until 1863, and thereafter in the telegraph service in nearly all the provinces of Austria. When electrotechnics first became known, Kareis devoted himself to its study, and from 1883 to 1896 edited the "Zeitschrift für Elektrotechnik." He also wrote several treatises on the subject, founded the Elektrotechnische Verein in Vienna, and busied himself with many undertakings along this line. He represented his native country in 1883 as secretary of the Internationale Elektrische Ausstellung in Vienna, and in 1889 as vice-president of the International Electrotechnical Congress in Paris.

From 1890 to 1896 Kareis represented Leopoldstadt in the city council, and from 1897 until the end of 1899 was delegate from the same district to the Reichsrath.

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