Babylonian amora of the second generation (3d cent.); known both as halakist and as haggadist. He was a pupil of Rab (Abba Arika); and his halakot are frequently mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud, as transmitted either by himself (Ta'an. 7b; Yoma 54a; et al.) or in his name by Ḥisda (Bek. 35a; 'Ar. 32a) and Rabbah b. Huna (Bek. 44b). It was Ḳaṭṭina who inferred from Isa. xii. 11 that the existence of the world is divided into periods of 6,000 years each, with intervals of 1,000 years of chaos (R. H. 31a; Sanh. 97a).

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