Russian political economist; born at Odessa 1847. He graduated from the University of Kharkof, and entered the government service in 1870.

Kaufman's writings deal chiefly with problems of currency and loans, especially of state debts. When he became connected with the central statistical commission Kaufman's investigations were first published in the "Vremennik" of the commission (series ii.). They contain much valuable material on the history of Russian finance, particularly his "Statistika Gosudarstvennykh Finansov Rossii v 1862-1884" (St. Petersburg, 1886). Among his other writings may be mentioned: "Teoriya Kolebaniya Tsyen," Kharkof, 1867; "K Ucheniyu o Dengakh i Kreditye," ib. 1868; "Statistika Russkikh Bankov," St. Petersburg, 1872-76; "Kreditnyye Bilety, Ikh Upadok i Vozstanovleniye," ib. 1888; "Vekselnyye Kursy Rossii za 50 Lyet, 1841-90," ib. 1892. He has also published a number of articles in "Vyestnik Yevropy" (1872-85).

Since 1893 Kaufman has been professor of statistics in the University of St. Petersburg. He was a member of the board of directors of the Landowners' Bank for fifteen years, and is at present (1904) a member of the directorate of the Imperial Bank, St. Petersburg.

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