Württemberg family, distinguished for patriotism and benevolence. The leading members have been:

Jacob Raphael Kaulla:

German court banker; born at Buchau on the Feder-See about the middle of the eighteenth century; died at Hechingen May 1, 1810. By a decree dated June 27, 1806, King Frederick of Württemberg, "in view of the various services that the Kaulla family has rendered to the country in critical periods," conferred upon Jacob and a number of his immediate relatives and their descendants of both sexes all rights of citizenship in Württemberg. Jacob Kaulla and his sister Frau Kiefe Auerbacher (d. Hechingen March, 1809) were distinguished as philanthropists.

Leopold von Kaulla:

Attorney at the supreme court of Bavaria; director of the Hofbank at Stuttgart; born March 25, 1813; died Jan. 16, 1886. He reorganized some of the institutions founded by his family, transferring them to Stuttgart, where they were incorporated under the name of "Kaulla'sche Familien-Stiftung" by King William I. of Württemberg March 18, 1856. He was an honorary member of the Jewish consistory of Württemberg.

S. J. Stos.
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