American athlete; born in New York city March 3, 1869; went to San Francisco, Cal., when nine years old. Kelter became a gymnast and also took up roller-skating as a profession. He holds the record for jumping on skates, which he established at San Francisco in 1887, when in a competition he cleared twenty-two chairs at one jump. Kelter was the winner of the all-round gymnastic competition of the state of California for five years in succession (1887-91), and in 1890 he also won the wrestling championship of that state at 125 lbs. Subsequently Kelter took to running, jumping, pole-vaulting, and putting the shot.

In Oct., 1897, Kelter accepted the management of the new Manhattan Athletic Club in New York city, and retained his position until the club closed its doors. He then took charge of the Educational Alliance Gymnasium, New York, where he has been active during the past five years. He is now engaged as a professional wire-walker.

A. F. H. V.
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