Polish economist and publicist; born in 1857 at Kalisz, Poland; studied law in the University of Warsaw, and was graduated thence in 1882. While at the university he employed part of his time during 1879-81 in journalism. He subsequently became chief editor of the "Gazeta Handlowa," which he still (1904) conducts and in which he publishes numerous political and economic articles. Kempner is specially active in matters concerning commerce and commercial associations. He takes a lively interest also in the welfare and reform of the Jews.

Among the numerous writings of Kempner are: "Bismarck," a political sketch (1890); "Money" (1897); and "Monetary Crises," an economic sketch; and he has also contributed many important articles on different subjects to various encyclopedias. He is coeditor of the "Encyklopedja Powszechna" and of the "Encyklopedya Rolnicza," and editor of the economic department of the "Illustrated Universal Encyclopedia."

H. R. S. Po.
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