KEREM ḤEMED (for the name see Amos v. 11):

Hebrew periodical, edited and published in Vienna in 1833 and 1836 (vols. i. and ii.) and in Prague from 1838 to 1843 (vols. iii. to vii.) by Samuel Löb Goldenberg. A continuation or new series was edited and published in Berlin from 1854 to 1856 (vols. viii. to ix.) by Senior Sachs, having also a German title, "Briefe und Abhandlungen, die Jüdische Literatur und die mit Ihr Verwandten Wissenschaften Betreffend." The "Kerem Ḥemed" was intended to be the continuation of the periodical "Bikkure ha-'Ittim," which ceased to appear in 1832. In the introductory statement contained in the first number Goldenberg announced that the publication would be devoted primarily to Hebrew literature, and that its articles would be written in the form of letters: his idea in choosing this form was, doubtless, that articles so published would be less subject to the severities of the censor. The "Kerem Ḥemed" contains studies in Biblical and Talmudical criticism, archeology, and poems, the history of literature, and critical reviews of new books. It is opposed to Ḥasidism and pilpulism, the spirit of the Austrian Haskalah being predominant.

A rival Galician annual, "Ro'eh," published in Lemberg, had only a short existence.

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G. M. Sc.
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