Polish scholar; born at Zamosc, government of Lublin, 1798; died at Lemberg 1873. In the earlier part of his life he was in very good circumstances, but he soon lost his fortune and had to make use of his knowledge of classical philology and the modern languages. He went to Galicia, where he earned his livelihood by teaching.

Kinderfreund was the author of "Shirim Shonim" (Lemberg, 1834), poems relating to various subjects, and distinguished both for purity of style and for richness of ideas. In addition Kinderfreund left in manuscript the following works: Hebrew poems, among which one compares the Jewish New-Year with that of other creeds; a work in Latin in which is demonstrated the priority of the Hebrew language; an apologetical treatise in which are reproduced religious controversies between the author and a prominent Christian whose children he instructed.

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