A Babylonian amora of the sixth generation (fifth century), frequently found in halakic discussion with Rabina II. For a time he acted as counselor (ḥakam) of the exilarch (resh galuta) Mar Zuṭra I. (441-450). After the death of Naḥman b. Huna he would have been elected to the position of rector of the academy at Sura (once held by Ashi) but for the strategy of his friend Mar b. Ashi (Ṭabyomi), who considered himself entitled to the honor of filling the seat formerly occupied by his own father. While the members of the academy, resolved to elect Aḥa, were within, awaiting the appointed hour for voting, Mar had himself elected outside the academy (B. B. 12b; Yeb. 8a; Ned. 23a; Naz. 42a; Sanh. 42a; Men. 5b; Grätz, "Gesch. d. Juden," iv. 465, n. 68).

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