German physician; born at Breslau Dec. 2, 1838. He studied medicine at Berlin and Breslau (M.D. 1859), taking post-graduate courses at Vienna and Paris in 1860 and 1861. Establishing himself as a physician in Breslau (1861), he founded a dispensary for dermatology. In 1869 he became privat-docent and in 1872 professor of dermatology and syphilology. Indifferent health forced him to resign all his positions in 1878. After spending some time in southern Europe, he settled in Berlin, where in 1884 he again founded a dispensary. In 1897 he received the title "Geheimer Medizinalrat."

Köbner has written many essays in the medical journals, among which may be mentioned: "Ueber Arznei-Exantheme, Insbesondere über Chinin-Exanthem," in "Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift," 1877; "Uebertragungsversuche von Lepra auf Thiere," in Virchow's "Archiv," 1882.

His works in book form include: "Klinische und Experimentelle Mitteilungen aus der Dermatologie," etc., Erlangen, 1864.

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