Sirdar bahadur in the Anglo-Indian army. He enlisted in the Eighth Regiment Native Infantry April 1, 1842, and was later transferred to the Twenty-seventh Regiment. He was appointed jemidar and native adjutant Jan. 1, 1853; transferred again, to the Twelfth Regiment; promoted to the rank of subahdar Nov. 6, 1858; sirdar bahadur (with Order of British India, 1st class), Oct. 25, 1859; transferred to the Seventeenth Regiment Native Infantry; made subahdar-major Jan. 24, 1876; and bahadur (receiving at the same time the Order of British India, 2d class), Jan. 1, 1877. He was present at the battle of Hyderabad (medal) and at the action of Kolhapur (medal). He is said to have given first information of the mutiny to the officers of the Twenty-seventh Regiment Native Infantry.

J. J. Hy.
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