Austrian poet and historical writer; born at Koritschan, Moravia, Sept.15, 1817. He was educated at the University of Vienna, where he studied classical philology, history, and philosophy. After a short sojourn in Italy (1847) he took part in the revolution at Vienna in 1848, and after the victory of the imperial troops under Windischgrätz he escaped to Germany. The next twenty years he spent in Germany, France, and Italy, returning to Vienna in 1868.

Among his works may be mentioned: "Todtenfeier in Oesterreich," Brünn, 1848; "Kleine Romane aus Wien," Leipsic and Brünn, 1848; "Ludwig Kossuth und Clemens Metternich," Leipsic, 1850; "Auf dem Vulkan," Stuttgart, 1868; and the tragedy "Die Christin," Vienna, 1875.

He has also contributed many articles and essays to German and Austrian journals, and during 1848 was editor of the revolutionary paper "Der Radikale."

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