Russian Hebrew author of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; grandson of Yom-Ṭob Lipman Heller. He was for some time rabbi at Rendsburg; he lived next at Shklov; and from 1802 he lived at Grodno. Toward the end of his life he traveled for some years in Europe, with the purpose of securingaid in the publication of his works. He published: "Torat Mosheh," Biblical and Talmudic exegesis (Novidvor, 1786); "Zera' Ḳodesh," on Talmudic and rabbinical literature (Berlin, 1797); an edition of Elias Levita's "Tishbi," with notes (Grodno, 1805); "Ke-Or Nogah," strictures on the "Sefer ha-Berit" of Phinehas Elijah b. Meïr (Breslau, 1816); "Iggeret Rishpe Keshet," the story of his wanderings and hardships (Hanover, 1831); "Birkat Mosheh," a treatise on the benediction "She-Heḥeyanu" (Berlin, 1833); "Seder Hosha'not," according to the ritual of German and Polish Jews (ed. with preface, Hanover, 1834); an edition of the "Megillat Ebah" of Yom-Ṭob Lipman Heller, with a German translation by J. H. Miro (Breslau, 1836).

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