Lithuanian Talmudist of the seventeenth century; died at Wilna Oct. 19, 1683. After officiating as rabbi in a number of Lithuanian cities, he in 1623 went in the same capacity to Wilna. His contemporaries, who refer to him frequently, mention him as an important Talmudist. He left no works except a few glosses, which are contained (1) in "Rosh Yosef" by his son-in-law, Joseph ben Jacob, (2) in "Zera' Yisrael" by his grandson Jacob ben Joseph, and (3) in "Pi Shenayim." Krämer is still the subject of many local tales in Wilna, where marvels are related of his piety and scholarship. Among his descendants was Elijah of Wilna.

  • Fuenn, Ḳiryah Ne'emanah, p. 95.
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