Polish rabbinical author; lived in the seventeenth century at Kalisz.

He wrote "Oraḥ Mishor" (Sulzbach, 1692), a commentary on "Darke Mosheh" to Yoreh De'ah, by Moses Isserles. Kremnitzer was the author also of "Oraḥ Mishor" (Berlin, 1724), novellæ on the tractate Nazir containing corrections of the text of the Gemara, of Rashi, and of the Tosafot. It was published together with the second (revised and enlarged) edition of the "Oraḥ Mishor" on the "Darke Mosheh" to Yoreh De'ah. A third, separate edition of the "Oraḥ Mishor" to the "Darke Mosheh" appeared in Fürth in 1766.

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