Polish-Russian financier; brother of Leopold Kronenberg; born at Warsaw 1846; died there 1894. After graduating from gymnasium and high school he went to France. For two years he devoted himself to the study of political economy and finance, and was granted at Paris the degree of doctor of philosophy. During the Franco-Prussian war he took part in the defense of Paris, retiring with the rank of lieutenant and the cross of the Legion of Honor.

Upon the death of his father he returned to Warsaw, and assumed the management of his commercial and railroad interests. He was made president of the Teraspol and Upper Vistula lines, director of the Vienna line, president of the Bank of Commerce, and director of various other commercial institutions; and was concerned in the publication of the "Gazeta Polska," "Nowin," and "Biblioteka Umiejetnoscy Prawnych." His writings on economy and finance, written in Polish, appeared in the "Economiscie." He wrote also "Campagne," 1870-71, and "Quelques Souvenirs et Appréciations d'ex-Officier d'Infanterie," Paris, 1871.

  • Encyklopedya Powsiechna.
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