German physician; born at Bissersheim, Alsace, Jan. 28, 1838; died at Strasburg Sept. 15, 1900. Kuhn was educated at the universities of Giessen, Prague, Vienna, Munich, and Würzburg (M.D. 1863). He then went to Strasburg; in 1865 he took a medical diploma there also, and thereupon became lecturer. In 1873, on the opening of the German university at Strasburg, he was appointed assistant professor and chief of the polyclinic for diseases of the throat and nose. As a specialist in these diseases Kuhn has contributed many essays to the medical journals of France and Germany. He translated Troeltsch's "Lehrbuch der Ohrenheilkunde" into French (Paris and Strasburg, 1870), and wrote: "Histologie des Häutigen Labyrinthes der Knochenfische," Leipsic, 1878; "Histologie . . . der Amphibien," ib. 1880; "Histologie . . . der Reptilien," ib. 1880; "Histologie . . . der Vögel," ib. 1884.

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