LANDSBERGER, HUGO (pseudonym, Hans Land):

German novelist, dramatist, and editor; born at Berlin Aug. 25, 1861. His first production was "Der Neue Gott, Roman aus der Gegenwart," Dresden, 1891, which was followed by "Sünden," Berlin, 1891. His dramatic efforts thus far have been confined to collaboration with Holländer in the production of "Die Heilige Ehe: Ein Modernes Schauspiel in 5 Akten," ib. 1893. In that year, also, his first success was made in his novel "Die Richterin," of which a sixth edition was called for in the following year. Other works are: "Mutterrecht," a novelette; "Die Tugendhafte," 1895, a humorous story; "Um das Weib," 1896, a novel of contemporary life; "Von Zwei Erlösern," and "Schlaagende Wetter," 1897, a novel which was issued, with twenty-five illustrations, as No. 50 of Kürschner's "Bücherschatz."

Landsberger's career as editor dates from 1898, when he founded the weekly journal "Das Neue Jahrhundert," the first number of which appeared in October of that year. At the same time another periodical with the identical name, but with the subtitle "Berliner Wochenschrift," edited by F. Werth, made its début. Since then Landsberger has written two other novels: "Und Wem Sie Just Passieret," Berlin, 1899, and "Liebesopfer," ib. 1900.

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