German dermatologist and hygienist; born at Hamburg Jan. 11, 1849. He received his education at a gymnasium at Hamburg and at the universities of Heidelberg, Göttingen, Strasburg, and Würzburg (M.D. 1873). He served through the Franco-Prussian war as lieutenant. After a postgraduate course at Strasburg under Hoppe-Seyler, and at Berlin under Salkowski, he became assistant in the physiological institute at Göttingen. In 1875 he went to Breslau, where he held the position of assistant at the pathological institute till 1878. The same year he removed to Berlin, where he established a practise as dermatologist. In 1880 he became privat-docent, and four years later he opened a private hospital and dispensary for dermatology and syphilis. He was one of thefounders of the Berlin Dermatological Society (1886).

Lassar was one of Robert Koch's associates in the Prussian Board of Health. He introduced the "Lassar's shower-bath" in 1883, which made it possible to give the poor a bath for 2 cents. He has contributed many essays to the medical journals, especially to Pflüger's "Archiv für die Gesammte Physiologie" and to Virehow's "Archiv." Lassar is editor of the "Dermatologische Zeitschrift."

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