Theatrical manager; born at Budapest Sept. 11, 1852. In consequence of the poverty of his parents, he was obliged to interrupt his studies at the "Realschule" at the age of twelve to enter a banking-house. He neglected his business, however, for the theater, to which he was enthusiastically devoted. An uncle then took him to Vienna, where he continued his studies at the Akademische Gymnasium; but here again the theater was a greater attraction for him than the school. Under these circumstances he decided to devote himself entirely to the dramatic art, and in 1871 he made his début in Schiller's "Kabale und Liebe" at Neusohl, Hungary. In 1873 he was engaged for a short time at the Königstädtische Theater, Berlin, and then played in Elberfeld and Barmen for two years. On returning to his native city, he was engaged at the Deutsche Theater. Soon afterward he became director of various theaters in Amsterdam, Bremen, and Lübeck, and in 1887 he became general manager of the Residenztheater, Berlin, which position he still (1904) occupies.

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