Swedish poet and critic; born at Gryt, East Gotland, July 17, 1862; educated at the University of Upsala (Ph.D. 1882), where, in 1889, he was appointed docent; four years later he became professor of literature at the University of Stockholm. His early work, "From the Riviera: Sketches from the Coast of the Mediterranean," and the collections of stories, "Småmynt" and "Konflikter, Nya Noveller" (1885), though realistic in tendency, are distinguished for exuberance of imagination. "Lifvets Fiender" (1891) marks a change in manner, and in "Legender och Visor," a volume of poems, he appears as a pronounced romanticist. These poems attracted much attention by their sentiment and finished form, and the succeeding volume, "Nya Dikter," placed Levertin in the front rank of Swedish romantic poets. His novel "Magistrarne Österås" appeared also in Germany. He is also a critic and essayist, his principal productions in this field being: "Teater och Drama Under Gustaf III."; "Gustaf III., som Dramatisk Författare"; "Johan Welander"; "FranGustaf III. Dagar"; "Svenska Gestalter"; "Diktare och Drömmare"; etc.

S. J. Wo.
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