AHIMAAZ ("Brother of Anger"):

1. Father of Ahinoam, wife of Saul (I Sam. xiv. 50). 2. Commissary-general of Solomon in Naphtali, who married Basmath, the daughter of Solomon (I Kings iv. 15). 3. Son of Zadok, who, with Jonathan, the son of Abiathar, brought David the news from the camp of Absalom and, after the battle between the king's forces under Joab and those of Absalom, hastened to tell David of the victory, outrunning the Cushite who had started some time before him (II Sam. xv. 36, xvii. 17-20, xviii. 19 et seq.; I Chron. v. 34 et seq. He is mentioned in the list of high priests).

G. B. L.
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