French engineer, geologist, and mineralogist; born at Paris Aug. 17, 1844; son of Michel Lévy. In 1862 he entered the Ecole Polytechnique, and two years later the school of mines, becoming engineer in 1867, and engineer-in-chief in 1883. After 1876 he took an important part in the preparation of the detailed geological map of France published by the ministry of public works. In 1887 he became director of this important undertaking, and in the following year took charge also of the underground topographic survey. In addition to articles and notes scattered in various scientific periodicals, he has written: "Mémoire sur les Divers Modes de Structure des Roches Eruptives Etudiées au Microscope," Paris, 1876; "Mémoire pour Servir à l'Explication de la Carte Géologique Détaillée de la France," ib. 1879; "Introduction à l'Etude des Roches Eruptives Françaises," ib. 1879; "Synthèse des Minéraux et des Roches," ib. 1882 (the three preceding in collaboration with Foqué); "Les Minéraux des Roches," ib. 1888; "Etude Géologique de Serrania de Ronda," ib. 1888 (in collaboration with Bergeron); "Tableaux des Minéraux des Roches," ib. 1890 (in collaboration with Lacroix); "Etude sur la Détermination des Feldspaths dans les Plaques Minces," ib. 1894; "Structure et Classification des Roches Eruptives," ib. 1899.

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