Russian Hebrew scholar and author; born Jan. 3, 1862, at Kolno, government of Lomza (Lomzha). He studied Talmud under R. Elijah Ḥasid and then under his own father, Isaac Libowitz; in addition he devoted himself to Hebrew literature, reading especially works on criticism. In 1881 he emigrated to the United States and settled in New York, where he still (1904) resides, devoting his time in part to business and in part to literature.

Libowitz is the author of: "Iggeret Biḳḳoret" (New York, 1895), against I. H. Weiss; "Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Modena" (Vienna, 1896; 2d ed., New York, 1901), his most important work, a collection of materials for a biography of Leon of Modena; "Ephraim Deinard" (ib. 1901), a harsh criticism of Deinard; and several other pamphlets. Libowitz has also contributed to the Hebrew periodicals in the United States: "Ner Ma'arabi," "Ha-Modia' laḤadashim," and "Yalḳuṭ Ma'arabi."

  • Benzion Eisenstadt, Ḥakme Yisrael be-Ameriḳa, p. 62, New York, 1903.
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