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LICHTENSTADT (LASH, from the Hebrew abbreviation ), SIMEON BEN JUDAH:

Bohemian Talmudist; lived at Prague in the first half of the nineteenth century. He was the author of "Shesh ha-Ma'arakah," a commentary on the six Mishnaic orders, each order having a separate title as follows: (1) "Derek Emunah" (Presburg, 1840); (2) "Dabar be-'Itto" (ib. 1841); (3) "Ḥosen Rab" (ib. 1843), preceded by a sermon delivered at Prague on the first of the Penitential Days, 1836; (4) "Ma'yan ha-Yeshu'ah" (ib. 1846); (5) "Ḥokmat Adam" (Prague, 1852).

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