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Ignatz Goldziher, Ph.D.

Professor of Semitic Philology, University of Budapest; Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.

ḤADITH – An Arabic word signifying "narrative" or "communication"; the name given to sayings traced to the prophet Mohammed, or to reports of his actions by eye-witnesses. The authenticity of the ḥadith depends upon the value of the...
ISLAM – Arabic word denoting "submission to God"; the name given to the religion of Mohammed and to the practises connected therewith. This religion was preached first to Mohammed's follow citizens in Mecca, then to all Arabia; and soon...
MOROSINI, GIULIO (SAMUEL BEN NAḤMIAS B. DAVID B. ISAAC B. DAVID BA'AL TESHUBAH) – Italian convert from Judaism to Christianity; born at Venice 1612; died in 1687. He was descended from a wealthy family which traced its ancestry back to Nehemiah. His great-grandfather left Spain on the expulsion of the Jews by...