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George F. Moore, M.A., D.D.

Professor of Biblical Literature and the History of Religions, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

APOCRYPHA – I. The most general definition of Apocrypha is, Writings having some pretension to the character of sacred scripture, or received as such by certain sects, but excluded from the canon (see Canon).The history of the earlier usage...
KUENEN, ABRAHAM – Dutch Christian Old Testament scholar; born in Haarlem, North Holland, Sept. 16, 1828; died in Leyden Dec. 10, 1891. He was educated at Leyden (1846-51), where in 1852 he was appointed assistant professor, and in 1855 professor,...
LAGARDE, PAUL ANTON DE – German Orientalist; born in Berlin Nov. 2, 1827; died in Göttingen Dec. 22, 1891. His father was Wilhelm Bötticher; and his earlier writings (1847-52) were published under the name "P. A. Bötticher," the name De Lagarde, which...
PSEUDEPIGRAPHA – Literally "books having false titles," fraudulently or erroneously ascribed to the authors whose names they bear. "Thus Dionysius of Halicarnassus speaks of "pseudepigraphic orations" of Demosthenes; that is, orations commonly...