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David Gordon Lyon, Ph.D.

Professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Semitic Languages; Curator of the Semitic Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

ACHISH – Biblical Data: King of Gath in the time of David and Solomon (I Sam. xxi.-xxix. 1; I Kings, ii.). David, when fleeing from Saul, twice sought asylum with Achish, the first time incognito. He was, however, recognized, whereupon...
ADONI-ZEDEK – King of Jerusalem at the time of the Hebrew invasion of Palestine (Josh. x. 1, 3). He led a coalition of five of the neighboring Amorite cities to resist the invasion, but the allies were defeated at Gibeon, and suffered at...
SEMITIC MUSEUM, HARVARD UNIVERSITY – Founded by Jacob H. Schiff of New York in 1889, at Cambridge, Mass. Its objects are to gather, preserve, and exhibit all known kinds of material illustrating the life, history, and thought of the Semitic peoples, to increase the...