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Louis Lewin, Ph.D.

Rabbi, Pinne, Posen, Germany.

PINNE – City in the province of Posen, Germany. Jews are first mentioned there in 1553, in connection with a "privilegium" issued by the lord of the manor restricting them in the purchase of leather. In 1624 Juspa Pinner, and from 1631...
POSEN – Province of Prussia; formerly a part of the kingdom of Poland, it was annexed by the former country after the partition of the latter in 1772 and 1793. In the first half of the thirteenth century, when the Germans crossed the...
PROVERBS – Wise, witty, and pithy maxims or aphorisms. Jewish proverbs are derived from the following sources: (1) Biblical collections, included in the canon; (2) Apocryphal collections, not included in the canon; (3) the Talmud; (4)...
WEYL, MEïR B. SIMḤAH – German rabbi; born at Lissa 1744; died at Berlin 1826. He was a pupil of Hirsch Janow. In 1771 he became associate rabbi at Lissa, and in 1784 was called associate rabbi to Berlin, where he was elected chief rabbi in 1800,...