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Abdima (Dimi) bar Hamar – A Palestinian who immigrated into Babylonia; senior contemporary of Raba and Joseph, of the fourth century. His name is connected with but a small number of Halakot, and only few of his Haggadot are preserved. Commenting on the...
Abdima b. Hamdure – An amora of the third century. He is probably identical with (Mar) Bar Hamdure, the disciple of Samuel (Shab. 107b; compare "Diḳduḳe Soferim," ad loc. 125a; Yoma, 87b; Suk. 20a; Men. 38b). S. M.
Abdima Naḥota – A Palestinian amora of the fourth century; contemporary of the Babylonian amoraim Rab Ḥisda and Rab Joseph. He was senior to R. Assi II., who delivered halakic decisions in his name. Like Abin III., he was wont to travel and to...
Abdima (Abdimi) of Sepphoris – A Palestinian amora of the fifth century; disciple of R. Mana III. and of R. Huna II. He was a distinguished scholar in his age, as is evident from his father being quoted as Immi, the father of Abdima of Sepphoris (Yer. Beẓah,...