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CHALUḲḲAH – See Ḥaluḳḳah.
CHALYZIANS – A people who, according to the Byzantine historian, John Cinnamus (twelfth century), accepted the Mosaic law. They fought, together with the Dalmatians, against the Greeks in the reign of Manuel Comnenus in 1154. "Chalyzians,"...
CHAMA (RAB) – See Ḥama.
CHAMAI (GAON) – See Ḥamai.
CHAMBERLAIN – The English rendering of . This Hebrew word is also translated "officer" (Gen. xxxvii. 36; II Kings viii. 6). If "chamberlain" is to be used at all, it must be taken in a very broad sense. The chamberlain is sometimes a mere...
CHAMBERLAIN, HOUSTON STEWART – Anglo-German musical critic and anti-Semitic writer; born Sept. 9, 1855, at Portsmouth, England; son of Admiral W. C. Chamberlain. He received his early education abroad, being sent to France, where he went to school at...
CHAMBÉRY – Capital of the department of Savoy, France. When the Jews were driven from France by Philippe Auguste in 1182, many of them sought refuge in Chambéry and the surrounding country, especially at Yenne, Seissel, Aiguebelle, and...
CHAMELEON – An animal of the genus Chamœleon, the only genus of the tribe Dendrosaura (also Chamœleonida, Rhiptoglossa, Vermilinguia), of the Chamœleontidœ or Chamœleonidœ family, of which it is the type. Some sixty species of the genus are...
CHAMOIS – The rendering of the Hebrew (zemer), both in the A. V. and in the R. V., probably on the authority of Bochart ("Hierozoicon," iii. ch. xxi.). It must, however, be discarded, for the reason that the chamois is exclusively a...
CHAMPAGNE – A former province of France, now known as the departments of Marne, Haute-Marne, Aube, and Ardennes, with part of Seine-et-Marne, Yonne, Aisne, and Meuse. Jews settled in Champagne as early as the Gallo-Roman epoch. They...
CHANA B. CHANILAI (RAB) – See Ḥana b. Ḥanilai.
CHANAN, CHANANEEL, CHANANYA – See Hanan, Hananeel, Hananiah.
CHANELES, LÖB – See Ḥaneles, Judah Löb.
CHANILAI – See Anilai.
CHANINA – See Ḥanina.
CHANOCH – See Enoch.
CHANTING – See Cantillation.
CHANUKKAH – See Ḥanukkah.
CHAO YNG-CHENG – Chinese mandarin; flourished about 1653. After the sack of K'ai Fung-Foo, which followed the fall of the Ming dynasty in 1642, the synagogue there was destroyed, and the Jews took refuge on the north side of the river Hoang-Ho,...
CHAPLET – See Crown, Diadem, and Miter.
CHAPMAN, JOHN – English educationist and communal worker; born 1845. Educated at Jews' College, London, he became an assistant master in that institution, and was subsequently appointed head master of the Jews' Hospital and Orphan Asylum. He...
CHARAATHALAN – Name occurring in I Esd. v. 36. It is a corruption of "Cherub," "Addan," and "Immer" (Ezra ii. 59 = Neh. vii. 61). Compare Cherub.E. G. H. C. L.
CHARACA – A city about 750 stadia distant from Caspis. It was the seat of the Jews called "Tubieni." Judas Maccabeus went to this place after his conquest of Caspis (II Macc. xii. 17).E. G. H. G. B. L.
CHARAN – See Haran.
CHARASHIM – See Ge-Ḥarashim.