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MEAL-OFFERING – Name and Early History. Comprehensive term for all sacrifices from the vegetable world; to designate these in the Old Testament the Hebrew word "minḥah" is used, which, as a probable derivative of the Arabic verb "manaḥ" = "to...
ME'ASHA – 1. Palestinian tanna, to whom one reference occurs in the Mishnah (Peah ii. 6), from which it appears that he lived in the time of Hillel's descendants (comp. Heilprin, "Seder ha-Dorot," ii.).2. Palestinian haggadist; grandson...
ME'ASSEFIM – Name designating the group of Hebrew writers who between 1784 and 1811 published their works in the periodical "Ha-Me'assef," which they had founded. In 1782 Moses Mendelssohn's German translation of the Pentateuch had appeared....
MEASURES – See Weights and Measures.