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THREE – See Numbers and Numerals.
THRESHOLD – In early times the threshold had a special sanctity; and that of the Temple was a marked spot, indicating specific taboos (see I Sam. v. 4 et seq.; comp. Zeph. i. 9). There were special keepers (A. V. "porters") of the threshold...
THRONE – 1. A royal seat, or chair of state. The king sits "upon the throne of his kingdom" (Deut. xvii. 18). Pharaoh delegated full power toJoseph to rule over Egypt; "only in the throne will I be greater than thou" (Gen. xli. 40). The...
THUNDER – The sound that follows lightning. The proper Hebrew term for it is (Ps. lxxvii. 19 et passim; Job xxvi. 14; Isa. xxix. 6), but it is often rendered in the Bible by , plural (= "voice," "voices"), the singular being always...
THURGAU – See Switzerland.
TIBBON – See Ibn Tibbon.
TIBERIAS – Founded by Herod Antipas. City founded by Herod Antipas in the year 26 C.E., and named in honor of the emperor Tiberius; situated on the western shore of Lake Gennesaret, near certain hot springs, in the most beautiful region of...
TIBERIAS, LAKE – See Chinnereth.