TIETZ, HERMANN German rabbi; born at Birnbaum, Posen, Germany, Sept. 3, 1834, and educatedat the University of Berlin (Ph. D. Halle). He was rabbi in Schrimm, and since 1888 he has been a "Stiftrabbiner" and teacher in the bet ha-midrash at
TIFLIS See Caucasus.
TIGLATH-PILESER King of Assyria from 747 to 727 B.C.; designated by modern Oriental historians as Tiglath-pileser III. He first appears under the name "Pul" (II Kings xv. 19; comp. I Chron. v. 26), the proper form of which is "Pulu," as is seen
TIGRIS One of the four streams mentioned in Gen. ii. 14 as watering the Garden of Eden, and described, from the standpoint of Palestine, as flowing "in front of Assyria" (R. V.). The Tigris has its source in several springs in Mount
TIKTIN A Silesian family of rabbis originating from Tiktin, a town in Poland.Abraham ben Gedaliah Tiktin: German rabbi; born at Schwersenz, Posen; died at Breslau Dec. 27, 1820. In 1811 he was appointed rabbi at Glogau, and five years