BRUSSELS Capital of Belgium. There are no records as to the date when Jews first settled in Brussels; but as many of them were scattered over the province of Brabant at the time of the Romans, it may be assumed that they established
BRUTISH A term applied by the Biblical writers to men whose disposition or spirit was like that of beasts. It is used in close conjunction with "foolish" (Jer. x. 8; Ps. xlix. 10, xciv. 8), and, as indicated in the Hebrew, may mean
BRUTZKUS, JUDAH LOEB BEN DAVID Russian writer; born 1870 at Polangen, in the government of Courland; studied at the gymnasium and University of Moscow, from which city his family was expelled in 1892. He received his diploma as physician in 1894. Brutzkus
BRÜX Town of Bohemia, 14 miles north of Saaz. Documents prove that, as early as the fourteenth century, Jews were living at Brüx. In 1393 Borso the Younger, of Riesenburg and Petschau, gave his note for fifty schock of Prague
BRYANSK Town in the government of Grodno, Russia, with a Jewish population (1898) of 2,365, in a total population of 6,342. Of the Jews 525 are artisans and 85 gardeners and farmers.H. R. S. J.
BUBER, SOLOMON Galician scholar and editor of Hebrew works; born at Lemberg Feb. 2, 1827. His father, Isaiah Abraham Buber, was versed in Talmudic literature and Jewish philosophy, and was Solomon's teacher in the latter subject; but for his