Danish bacteriologist; born at Copenhagen Dec. 6, 1847; son of Martin S. Salomonsen. He studied medicine at Copenhagen (M.D. 1871) and took a postgraduate course at Paris and Breslau. Returning to Denmark, he established himself as a physician in his native city, and became privat-docent in 1878, assistant professor in 1883, and professor of pathology in 1893. He was the first Danish physician to establish a laboratory exclusively for the preparation of anti-toxin for the treatment of diphtheria in Danish hospitals. This laboratory was soon found to be too small, and Salomonsen accordingly introduced into the Rigsdag a bill requiring the state to undertake the building of a Serum-Therapeutisk Institut; this bill became law on March 20, 1901.

Salomonsen is the author of many essays in the Danish and German medical journals, and has written among other works "Ledetraad for Medicinere i Bakteriologisk Technik," Stockholm, 1885. Since 1891 he has been a member of the Académie des Sciences.

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