French author; son of Lazare Wogue; born in Paris Dec. 4, 1863; educated at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in his native city ("agrégé ès lettres," 1885). After successive professorships at the lyceums of Saint Quentin and Reims, as well as at the Lycée Michelet and the Collège Rollin in Paris, he was appointed professor at the Lycée Buffon, which position he still holds (1905).

Wogue is the author of the following works: "Le Poète Gresset" (Paris, 1894); "Contes et Récits des Dix-Septième et Dix-Huitième Siècles"; "Les Portraits de La Bruyère"; and "Le Théâtre Comique aux Dix-Septième et Dix-Huitième Siècles" (Paris, 1905). He has published also editions of Racine's "Esther" and "Athalie," with historical introductions and commentaries, including copious Biblical notes. He is a contributor to the "Revue Bleue," the "Grande Revue," and "Le Temps."

S. J. Ka.
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