ADONI-ZEDEK ("Zedek is Lord"):

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King of Jerusalem at the time of the Hebrew invasion of Palestine (Josh. x. 1, 3). He led a coalition of five of the neighboring Amorite cities to resist the invasion, but the allies were defeated at Gibeon, and suffered at Beth-horon, not only from their pursuers, but also from a great hail-storm. The five allied kings took refuge in a cave at Makkedah and were imprisoned there until after the battle, when Joshua commanded that they be brought before him; whereupon they were brought out, humiliated, and put to death. The name Adoni-zedek seems to be corrupted into Adoni-bezek in Judges, i. 5-7.

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D. G. L.—In Rabbinical Literature:

According to the Midrash, the name Adoni-zedek means "Master of Zedek"—that is, "of Jerusalem," the city of righteousness (ẓedeḳ; Gen. R. xliii. 6).

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