ABRAHAM BEN JUDAH – A physician who wrote in Hebrew a medical work, "Mareot ha-Shetanim" (Aspects of the Urine); date of birth and death unknown. According to a statement in the introduction, the author intended his work to be a guide for young...
ABRAHAM BEN JUDAH BERLIN – German rabbi; died at Amsterdam March 13, 1730; son of the famous court Jew, Jost Liebman, and disciple of Isaiah Horowitz, the second of that name at Posen. He was rabbi in Halberstadt in 1692 (Auerbach, "Geschichte der...
ABRAHAM BEN JUDAH DE BOTON – See Boton, Abraham ben Judah de.
ABRAHAM BEN JUDAH EBERLEN – See Eberlen, Abraham ben Judah.
ABRAHAM BEN JUDAH ELIMELECH (ALMALIK) – A cabalistic writer who lived at Pesaro (Italy) about the end of the fifteenth century and was probably a Spanish exile. He wrote a book entitled "Liḳḳute Shikḥah u-Peah" (Gleanings), a cabalistic commentary on haggadic portions...
ABRAHAM BEN JUDAH ḤADIDA – See Ḥadida, Abraham ben Judah.
ABRAHAM BEN JUDAH IBN ḤAYYIM – See Ḥayyim, Abraham ben Judah ibn.
ABRAHAM BEN JUDAH LOEB – See Maskillejson, Abraham.
ABRAHAM BEN JUDAH LOEB SARAVAL – See Saraval, Abraham ben Judah Loeb.
ABRAHAM BEN JUDAH SEGRE – See Segre, Abraham ben Judah.
ABRAHAM KABASSI – See Kabassi, Abraham.
ABRAHAM ḲIMḤI – See Ḳimḥi, Abraham.
ABRAHAM KIRIMI – See Kirimi, Abraham.
ABRAHAM KLAUSNER – See Klausner, Abraham.
ABRAHAM KOLISKER – See Kolisker, Abraham.
ABRAHAM KONAT BEN SOLOMON – See Conat, Abraham, ben Solomon.
ABRAHAM LANIADO BEN ISAAC – See Laniado, Abraham, ben Isaac.
ABRAHAM LANIADO BEN SAMUEL – See Laniado, Abraham, ben Samuel.
ABRAHAM OF LERIDA – Physician, surgeon, and astrologer. All that is known of him is that, on September 12, 1468, he couched a cataract in the right eye of King John II. of Aragon, and afterward was equally successful with the left eye.Bibliography:...
ABRAHAM HA-LEVI – Tosafist, not yet fully identified. In "Pisḳe Tosafot" an Abraham ha-Levi is quoted who is not known otherwise than under this name. However, it is probable that he was identical with one of the many German or French tosafists...
ABRAHAM HA-LEVI – See Abraham ben Isaac ha-Levi.
ABRAHAM HA-LEVI BEN ELIEZER HA-ZAḲEN – Spanish exile in Palestine, author and cabalist of the early part of the sixteenth century. He was brother-in-law of Abraham Zacuto, the author of the "Yuḥasin." On being exiled from Spain, 1492, he lived for a brief period in...
ABRAHAM HA-LEVI SHIMSHUNI OF PRAGUE – See Shimshuni, Abraham ha-Levi, of Prague.
ABRAHAM LICHTSTEIN – See Lichtstein, Abraham.
ABRAHAM OF LUNEL – A celebrated French philologist of the sixteenth century, who is said to have mastered twenty languages. He embraced Christianity, and about 1537 was made professor of Hebrew at Avignon. As he grew older, however, love for his...