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ABRAHAM (ABULMENI) MAIMUNI I – See Maimon, Abraham ben Moses.
ABRAHAM MAIMUNI II – See Maimuni II., Abraham.
ABRAHAM MALAK – Russian rabbi; only son of Dob Baer of Mezhirich, who was the first leader of the South Russian Ḥasidim; follower of Ba'al Shem-Ṭob, and son-in-law of Meshullam Phœbus of Kremenetz; died, while comparatively young, at Fastov, a...
ABRAHAM MALAKI – A poet who flourished at Carpentras, near Avignon, about the end of thethirteenth century. In his poem, "The Flaming Sword," Abraham Bedersi recognizes his poetic talent. Zunz ("Literaturgesch." p. 500) mentions a liturgical...
ABRAHAM MANELES – See Bachrach, Abraham.
ABRAHAM (ALLUF) MASSARAN – See Massaran, Abraham.
ABRAHAM BEN MATTATHIAS – Compiler of the ("Kuh-Buch"), a collection of animal fables in Judæo-German prose and verse, published at Verona in 1555.Bibliography: Steinschneider, Cat. Bodl. No. 4269; Fürst, Bibl. Jud. i. 9.G.
ABRAHAM MEDINA – See Medina, Abraham.
ABRAHAM MEIR – See Meiri, Abraham.
ABRAHAM BEN MEIR ABI ZIMRA – See Abi Zimra (ibn Zimra), Abraham ben Meir.
ABRAHAM BEN MEIR IBN EZRA – See Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben Meir.
ABRAHAM BEN MEIR IBN KAMNIAL – See Kamnial, Abraham ben Meir ibn.
ABRAHAM BEN MEIR HA-KOHEN – Rabbi and hymn-writer of the end of the eleventh century; lived probably at Speyer. He was a colleague of Rashi, with whom he carried on a learned correspondence. In 1096 he composed an elegy (ḳinah) on the persecutions of the...
ABRAHAM BEN MEIR HA-LEVI EPSTEIN – See Epstein, Abraham ben Meir ha-Levi.
ABRAHAM BEN MENAHEM MANASSEH BACHARACH – See Bacharach, Abraham ben Menahem Manasseh.
ABRAHAM MESHULLAM BEN ABIGDOR – See Abigdor, Abraham Bonet ben Meshullam.
ABRAHAM BEN MESHULLAM OF MODENA – Hebrew scholar; one of the correctors of the first edition of the Zohar, published at Mantua in 1558-60, in praise of which he wrote verses which were printed in the preface. He has been frequently mistaken for Abraham Abigdor...
ABRAHAM DE MEYRARGUES – A physician who lived in Marseilles, France, during the first quarter of the fifteenth century. He is mentioned in commercial and official documents of that town for the years 1405-13.Bibliography: Barthélemy, Les Médecins à...
ABRAHAM MINZ – See Minz, Abraham.
ABRAHAM THE MONK – A Palestinian friar who lived in a monastery on Mount Sinai. He was born about the close of the sixth century, and became a convert to Judaism about 615. As a Christian, he spent his life in penance and prayer. Doubts as to the...
ABRAHAM MONSON – See Monzon, Abraham.
ABRAHAM OF MONTPELLIER – Commentator on the greater part of the Talmud. His commentaries on Ḥullin and Ketubot are quoted by Jacob ben Moses of Bagnols, who wrote between 1357-61, and by Menahem di Lonzano, who lived in the second half of the sixteenth...
ABRAHAM BEN MORDECAI FARISSOL – See Farissol, Abraham ben Mordecai.
ABRAHAM BEN MORDECAI GALANTE – See Galante, Abraham ben Mordecai.
ABRAHAM BEN MORDECAI HA-LEVI – An Egyptian rabbi of the end of the seventeenth century. In 1691 he edited at Venice his father's responsa, "Darke No'am," adding a treatise of his own on circumcision, which, however, met with a great deal of opposition from...