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IXAR (HIJAR) – Town in Aragon, Spain, 62 miles to the northeast of Teruel. Here were printed by Eliezer Alantansi two parts of the Spanish edition of the Arba' Ṭurim: the Oraḥ Ḥayyim in 1485, and the Yoreh De'ah in 1487, possibly in...
IYYAR – The second month in the Jewish calendar, consisting always of twenty-nine days, and falling between the tenth of April and the eighth of June (R. H. 3a et passim; Targ. Yer. to Ex. xii. 39; Targ. Sheni to Esth. iii. 7). This...
IZATES – Proselyte; King of Adiabene; son of Queen Helena and Monobaz I.; born in the year 1 of the common era; died in 55. While in Charan Spasinu, whither he had been sent by his father, a Jewish merchant named Ananias acquainted him...
IZBAN – See Elon.
IZRAELITA – Jewish weekly in the Polish language, published in Warsaw since 1865. It was the successor of the Jutrzenka. At the beginning the "Izraelita" met with many obstacles in the way of restrictions from the censor; and it was also...
IZRAELITA KÖZLÖNY – See Periodicals.