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German scholar; born Feb. 2, 1740, at Zülz, Silesia; died March 4 or 5, 1814, at Breslau; son of Associate Rabbi Seligmann Pappenheim of Zülz. He himself became associate rabbi at Breslau. Pappenheim is especially known for his book on Hebrew synonyms, which appeared in three parts under the title "Yeri'ot Shelomoh" (part i., Dyhernfurth, 1784; part ii., Rödelheim, 1831; part iii., Dyhernfurth, 1811; the fourth part remained unprinted). His "Arba' Kosot" is an imitation of Young's "Night Thoughts" in poetic prose (Berlin, 1790; Zolkiev, 1805; Vienna, 1809; with additions by M. Lemans, Amsterdam, 1817, and frequently reprinted). During the controversy on the subject of early burial he wrote several works in German favoring the practise among Jews: "Die Frühe Beerdigung bei den Juden" (Breslau, 1795); "Die Nothwendigkeit der Frühen Beerdigung" (ib. 1797); "Deduction Seiner Apologie für die Frühe Beerdigung" (ib. 1798). Against David Friedländer's views he wrote "Freymüthige Erklärung über die . . . Kritik des Gottesdienstes der Juden und deren Erziehung der Jugend" (ib. 1813), in which he holds up to his nation various abuses within and without the Synagogue, declaring "a convention of sensible rabbis for the purpose of remedying these abuses to be highly desirable."

Other works by Pappenheim are: "Beiträge zur Berichtigung der Beweise vom Dasein Gottes aus der Reinen Vernunft" (ib. 1794); "Abermaliger Versuch über den Ontologischen Beweis vom Dasein Gottes," etc. (ib. 1800). Of his Hebrew lexicon "Ḥesheḳ Shelomoh" only one number, on the particles, appeared (Breslau, 1802). "Ge'ullat Miẓrayim; Ueber die Erlösung aus Aegypten als Grundstein des Gesetzes," etc., was printed after his death by Hirsch Sachs (ib. 1815).

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