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German physicist and Socialist. Though privat-docent at the University of Berlin he took part in the Socialist movement, and was in consequence suspended from his office by the minister of education, Bosse, April, 1899. Being wealthy, he spent in 1895 large sums of money to advance the interests of his party. In 1897 he carried a resolution at the Socialist convention of Hamburg, in virtue of which the Socialists would no longer abstain from voting at the elections for the Prussian Diet.

Arons' scientific works belong to the field of theoretic as well as of experimental physics, with especial reference to electricity. Among the many works published by him may be mentioned the following: "Bestimmung der Verdet'schen Constante im Absoluten Masse," in "Annalen der Physik und Chemie," new series, 1885, xiv. 161; "Interferenzstreifen im Spectrum," ib. p. 669; "Verdünnungswärme und Wärmekapacität von Salzlösungen," ib. xxv. 408; "Methode zur Messung der Elektromotorischen Gegenkraft im Elektrischen Lichtbogen," ib. xxx. 95; "Ueber den Elektrischen Rückstand," ib. xxxv. 291; "Beobachtungen an Elektrisch Polarisirten Platinspiegeln," ib. xli. 473; "Ein Elektrolytischer Versuch," ib. xlv. 383; "Ein Demonstrationsversuch mit Elektrischen Schwingungen," ib. p. 553; "Die Elektricitätsconstanten und Optischen Brechungsexponenten in Salzen," ib. liii. 95; "Elektrische Lichtbogen," ib. lvii. 185; "PolarisationsErscheinungen in Dünnen Metallmembranen," ib. lvii. 201; "Versuche über Elektrolytische Polarisation," in "Verhandlungen der Physikalischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin," xi. 3; "Ueber einen QuecksilberLichtbogen," ib. p. 6.

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S. I. Ber.
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