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BOCK, M. H.:

German educator; born at Magdeburg, 1784; died at Leipsic April 10, 1816, while on a journey. He was one of the ablest modern Jewish teachers in Germany at the beginning of the nineteenth century; and the fashionable private school (Lehrund Bildungsanstalt) which he founded in 1807 at Berlin, and to which Christian as well as Jewish pupils were admitted, enjoyed a great reputation. He was also for some time tutor at the Kölnisches Gymnasium in Berlin. After his death his school was conducted by I. M. Jost.

He wrote the following essays and works: (1) "Nachrichten von der Lehrund Bildungsanstalt Jüdischer Familien," Berlin, 1807 (part of this is reprinted in "Sulamith," ii. 2, 39 et seq.); (2) "Hebräisches A B C Buch," Berlin, 1812; (3) "Katechismus der Israelitischen Religion," Berlin, 1814; (4) "Moda' l'Yalde B'ne Israel: Israelitischer Kinderfreund," a manual of the rudiments of knowledge, in Hebrew, German, and French, for the instruction of Jewish children at home and at school, 3 vols., Berlin, 1811-12; (5) in collaboration with David Fränkel, "Die Fünf Bücher Mosis, mit Moses Mendelssohn's Uebersetzung in Deutschen Lettern," Berlin, 1815; (6) "Predigt am Sabbath nach der Erscheinung des Königlichen Ediktes: die Bürgerlichen Verhältnisse der Juden in den Preussischen Staaten Betreffend in Erbauungen," ed. by Kley and Günsburg, i. 448 et seq.; (7) "Predigten zur Kirchlichen und Häuslichen Erbauung," Berlin, 1824, published by his brother, A. Bock, a convert to Christianity.

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