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German physician and medical writer; born at Glatz, in Prussian Silesia, July 26, 1849. He received his education at the gymnasium of his native town and at the universities of Breslau and Strasburg. From the latter he was graduated as M.D. in 1875. After a post-graduate course at Vienna and Berlin, he became assistant at the private ophthalmic hospital of Cohn at Breslau, at the same time studying under Cohnheim at the pathological institute of the university. Leaving Breslau in 1876, he went to Bern as assistant to Quincke at the medical hospital of the university.

From Bern, Brieger removed in 1878 to Berlin, attending the physiological laboratory. In 1879 he became assistant to Frerichs, and later to Leyden at the First Medical Hospital, Berlin. From 1881 he was privat-docent, and from 1887 titular professor in the University of Berlin. In 1890 he opened a private dispensary and hospital. The same year he was elected assistant professor, and in 1891 was appointed chief physician of the university hospital and dispensary for contagious diseases. In 1897 he occupied the chair of pathology and therapeutics as substitute for Professor Ehrlich. Since 1899 he has occupied the chair of general therapeutics. The following year he received the title of "Geheimer Medizinalrath."

Brieger is a contributor to numerous medical journals, and has written many essays and books dealing with pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, bacteriology, pathology, and therapeutics, and is considered an authority on each of these subjects.

Of his many essays and books the following may be mentioned: (1) "Zur Physiologischen Wirkung der Abführmittel," in "Archiv für Experimentale Pathologie und Therapie," 1877; (2) "Ueber die Aromatischen Producte der Fäulniss im Eiweiss," in "Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie," 1879; (3) "Zur Kenntnissnahme des Physiologischen Verhältnisses des Brenzcatechin, Hydrochinon, und Resorcin" in Du Bois-Reymond's "Archiv für Physiologie," 1879; (4) "Beiträge zur Lehre von der Fibrösen Hepatitis," in Virchow's "Archiv für Pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie und für Klinische Medizin," 1879; (5) "Ueber Einige Bestandtheile des Jauchigen Eiters des Menschen," in "Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie," 1881; (6) "Beitrag zur Schrecklähmung," in "Zeitschrift für Klinische Medizin," 1881, pp. 121 et seq.; (7) "Ueber Febris Recurrens," in the "Charité Annalen," 1881, pp. 136-150; (8) "Ueber Spaltungs Producte der Bacterien," in "Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie," 1884; (9) "Ueber Ptomaine," Berlin, 1885-86 (in this work, consisting of three volumes, the author proves that the bacteria develop their injurious qualities through a specific poisonous product of the toxins and toxalbumins); (10) "Ueber das Vorkommen von Tetanie bei einem am Wundstarrkrampf Erkrankten Individuum." in "Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift," 1888, pp. 329 et seq.; (11) with Stadthagen, "Ueber Cystinurie, Nebst Bemerkungen über einen Fall von Morbus Maculosus Werlhofii," ib. 1889, pp. 344 et seq., 455 et seq.; (12) with C. Fränkel, "Untersuchungen über Bakteriengifte," ib. 1890, pp. 241 et seq., 268 et seq.; (13) with Ehrlich, "Ueber die Uebertragung der Immunität Durch Milch," in "Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift," 1892, pp. 393 et seq.; (14) "Ueber die Klinische Bedeutung des Elsnerischen Typhus-Nachweises," ib. 1895, No. 50; (15) "Klinische Beobachtungen an Zwei Leprösen," in "Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift," 1896, pp. 1105 et seq.; and (16)"Ueber Versuche der Uebertragung der Syphilis auf Thiere und über Serumtherapie bei Syphilis," in "Klinisches Jahrbuch," 1899.

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