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Italian political economist; born 1820 at Bologna, Italy. He was the first deputy elected to the Italian Parliament by the city of Ferrara. Carpi, on the expiration of his term, divided his time between Bologna and Rome, where he was a contributor to "Popolo Romano." He has thrown much light on the social and moral conditions of new united Italy by the authentic information that he has collected in all departments of the government. Among his works may be mentioned: "Dell' Emigrazione Italiano all' Estero, nei Suoi Rapporti coll'Agricoltura, coll'Industria, e col Commercio," Florence, 1871; "Delle Colonic e dell'Emigrazione degl' Italiani all' Estero nei Loro Rapporti coll'Agricoltura, Industria, e Commercio," 4 Milan, 1874; "Statistica Illustrata dell'Emigrazione," Rome, 1878; "L'Italia Vivente, Studi Sociali," Milan, 1878; "Il Risorgimento Italiano: Biografie Storico-Politiche d'Illustri Italiani Contemporanei," Milan, 1884; "L'Italia all' Estero," Rome, 1887. The only work written by him relating directly to Jewish interests was his "Alcune Parole Sugli Israeliti in Occasione di un Decreto Pontifico d'Interdizione," Florence, 1847.

  • De Gubernatis, Dizionario Biografico degli Scrittori Contemporanei, Florence, 1879.
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