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Hungarian rabbi and writer; born at Gerenda, Hungary, in 1850. Receiving his diploma as rabbi while a mere youth, he went to Berlin, where he attended the lectures of Dr. Israel Hildesheimer at the rabbinical seminary, as well as those at the university. He graduated (Ph.D.) from the University of Bern. For eleven years he officiated as rabbi at Temesvár, Hungary. In 1892 he was appointed director of the Jewish orphan asylum at Jerusalem. Grünhut's works include: "Kritische Untersuchung des Midrasch Kohelet Rabbah" (Berlin, 1892); "Das Verbot des Genusses von Gesäuertem am Rüsttage des Pessachfestes," in "Zeit. für Evangelische Theologie," 1894-98; "Midrash Shir ha-Shirim" (Jerusalem, 1897); "Sefer ha-Liḳḳuṭim," i.-vi. (Jerusalem, 1898-1903); "Ezra und Nehemia, Kritisch Erläutert," part 1 (ib. 1899); "Saadia Gaon und Sein Commentar zum Buche Daniel" (St. Petersburg, 1899); "Saadia Gaon und Sein Commentar zu (Daniel,) Ezra und Nehemia" (ib. 1902); "Yalkut ha-Machiri zu den SprüchenSalomos" (Jerusalem, 1902); "Die Reisebeschreibungen des R. Benjamin von Tudela," published from manuscripts, with translations and introduction (ib. 1903).

  • Das Rabbiner-Seminar zu Berlin, p. 41, Berlin, 1898.
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