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BAER (DOB) BEN SHRAGA – Author; lived in Berlin at the beginning of the nineteenth century. He wrote "Naḥale Debash" (Streams of Honey), Berlin, 1832, which contains many extracts from various Hebrew books dealing mainly with philosophical and ethical...
BAER (DOB) BEN URI PHŒBUS – Author, of the eighteenth century. He resided at Altona, Germany, where in 1737 he wrote "Be'er-Ṭob" (A Good Explanation), containing casuistic and homiletical explanations to the Talmud.L. G. J. Ch.
ERTER, ISAAC – Satirist; born 1792 at Janischok, Galicia; died 1851 at Brody. The first part of his life was full of struggles and hardships. After having associated for many years with the Ḥasidim, he settled at Lemberg; and through the...