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Frank Knight Sanders, Ph.D., D.D.

Professor of Biblical History and Archeology; Dean of the Divinity School, Yale University, New Haven, Conn.

CROWN – Biblical Data: The translation employed for five distinct Hebrew words in the Bible. It renders, first, "zer," a technical term used frequently in the Priestly portions of Exodus for the golden molding with which the Ark (xxv....
MAHANAIM – City on the east of the Jordan, near the River Jabbok; first mentioned as the place where Jacob, returning from Aram to southern Canaan, had a vision of angels (Gen. xxxii. 1-2). This implies that Mahanaim was a sanctuary at a...
MAKKEDAH – City situated, according to the Priestly description of tribal boundaries and groups of cities contained in the Book of Joshua (xv. 41), among the foot-hills bordering upon Judah and extending westward to the maritime plain. It...
MANASSEH – 1. The elder of two sons born before the famine to Joseph and Osnath, daughter of the priest of Heliopolis (Gen. xli. 50-51, xlvi. 20). Biblical etymology, deriving his name from (= "to forget"), makes it signify "He who causes...