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David Samuel Margoliouth,

Laudian Professor of Arabic, University of Oxford, England.

ECCLESIASTES, BOOK OF – Name and Authorship. The name "Ecclesiastes"—literally, "Member of an Assembly," often thought to mean (after Jerome) "Preacher"—is the Septuagint rendering of the Hebrew "Ḳohelet," apparently as an intensive formation from the...
EZRA, BOOK OF – Biblical Data: The contents of the book are as follows:Synopsis of Contents. Ch. i.: Cyrus, inspired by Jehovah, permits the Israelites to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem, and returns to them the golden vessels which had been...
NEHEMIAH – Son of Hachaliah; rebuilder of the walls of Jerusalem. The sole source of information about Nehemiah is the canonical book that bears his name, parts of which, at any rate, furnished Ben Sira with the matter for the short notice...
NEHEMIAH, BOOK OF – A work ascribed to Nehemiah, but bearing in some canons the title Esdras II. or Esdras III., having been attributed to Ezra on the ground that Nehemiah's self-assertion deserved some punishment (Sanh. 93b), or because, having...